Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blocking Begins Tomorrow

Just a few reminders for the process of blocking:
  • Please remember to bring appropriate clothing for being on stage during rehearsal
    • This means no skirts ladies
    • This also means no more flip flops at rehearsals everyone
    • Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing that you can move in on stage
    • Guys make sure your pants won't fall down, so wear a belt
  • Make sure you have all the paperwork in so you can keep your script and receive your official membership binder
    • The binder should come to practice with you everyday
    • There is a section in it where you can write down notes about blocking 
    • It also has a wonderful pocket in front and back where you can store the script when you are not working on learning your lines
    • That same section can double as a place to write down notes from this director once we are past blocking and start running the show
    • It is also a place to write down thoughts about character, costume, props, and make-up ideas
  • Please help out the show by selling season tickets and presale tickets
    • A copy of each form may be found in your membership binder
  • For those of you who don't know what blocking actually is, it is the process of assigning each actress or actor their movements on the stage that correspond with each line of dialogue in the script, so you will be learning where you go on stage
    • This can be a slow process if you do not focus and you hold tons of side conversations, so the more you pay attention the quicker this process moves along
    • I would suggest that if you have homework assignments from your classes you bring that with you and work on it as the blocking process proceeds
    • I would also make sure you have your pencil, script and binder to record all your movements in, so you do not forget where you are going
    • It is very painful when we have to stop the run through of the shows to re-teach blocking because it was not written down the first time through
As a Final Note: Come with a Positive Attitude, Ready to Work Hard and Have Fun and We will Put together a Great Show!!~Your Director

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