Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Update

Its the first day of August drama club members! Which means the drama season is that much closer. School begins on August 27th! Here are our updates and reminders for this month, as of 8/1/12!
READ YOUR SCRIPTS, and don't forget to bring them to the Schoonover's for our August 6th Officer's meeting. The Officer's meeting is at the Schoonover's house 6pm-9pm. Also, don't forget to bring a side or dessert to go with dinner and bring your binder with a pen or pencil!
Come out and support some of your drama club members who are  in Summerfame 2012 on August 10th at the Avalon Theater in Easton, time TBA and/or the Lady Caroline's Production of "A Nice Little Island" on August 10th and 11th at 7:30pm at NCHS Auditorium. "A Nice Little Island" is produced with special arrangements by and is written by Tim Wright.

Stay posted for any more updates and such! Enjoy the rest of the month, and see everyone soon!

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